Lucknow Game Terms and Conditions

By using Lucknow Game online, you’re agreeing to these terms. Remember, these might change, so keep an eye on updates. If you don’t like the terms or changes to them, please stop using the site. Continuing to use Lucknow Game means you accept the terms, including any updates.


  • Account: Your personal user account on Lucknow Game.
  • Privacy Policy: Our rules on privacy, found in these terms.
  • Register/Registering: Signing up for an account.
  • Services/Service: What Lucknow Game offers you through the site.
  • Users/User: You, and anyone else using Lucknow Game

Basic Rules

  1. These Terms Apply: Everything here applies when you use Lucknow Game.
  2. For India Users: Lucknow Game is meant for users in India. Using it elsewhere is on you, and you must follow local laws.
  3. No Business Use: Lucknow Game is for your personal fun, not for business.
  4. Access Might Be Limited: We can restrict access if we need to.
  5. You Need Internet: Accessing the Lucknow Game requires the internet, which might cost you, depending on your plan.
  6. You Own What You Post: If you upload text or images, make sure they’re yours or you have permission to use them.

Location Services

Turning on location services means you agree to get notifications from us based on where you are.

Your Responsibilities

  1. Be Honest: Make sure your account details are true and up-to-date.
  2. Use It Right: Don’t misuse Lucknow Game. This includes not sending bad stuff, not doing illegal things, not spreading viruses, and following internet norms.
  • Don’t Do These Things: Selling Lucknow Game services, lying about card details, trying to break our security, and other dishonest activities are off-limits.
  • Using Lucknow Game
  • We’ll Fix Errors: If you tell us about a mistake, we’ll try to fix it. But we can’t promise the site or services will always be perfect.
  • Changes Can Happen: We might change parts of the site or services, but we’ll aim not to lessen their quality.
  1. We Can Withdraw Services: Sometimes, we might need to pull a feature or service.
  2. New Stuff and Old Stuff: We might add new features or remove old ones.
  3. Terms Can Change: We can update these terms. New versions are effective once posted. Keep checking them when you use the Lucknow Game.

Suspension and Ending Use

If you break these terms, we might need to suspend or end your access. You can stop using the Lucknow Game anytime. Breaking these terms means your rights here end, and you should stop using the services.

Disclaimer and Limits on Our Responsibility

We try to make sure everything on the Lucknow Game is right, but we can’t guarantee it. Using the site and services is at your risk. We’re not responsible for any losses or damages from using Lucknow Game or any linked third-party sites.

Promising to Cover Us

If your use of Lucknow Game causes legal issues, you agree to protect us from any claims or damages, including legal fees.


Lucknow Game owns all the content on the site. You get to use it, but don’t copy or sell any part of it.

Changes to the Rules

We can change these rules. We’ll post any changes, and it’s up to you to check them. Using the site after changes means you accept them.

Legal Stuff

Indian laws apply to these terms. Any legal issues will be handled in Indian courts.

About Your Privacy

Your privacy matters to us. Our Privacy Policy is part of these terms, so check it out on our site for details on how we handle your data.

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